Sugar Reset

By mid December, my family all admitted that we’d need a sugar reset after the holidays.  Between some great new pie KeepCalm_NoSugarrecipes and cookies for the big guy, we found ourselves enjoying more desserts than we’re used to over the last two months.  And while they were delicious, we don’t want to become accustomed to eating that much sugar on a regular basis.  So for January we’ll go sugar free.  This isn’t something that we forced the kids to do (although I certainly wouldn’t be making cookies for them), but they decided that they too needed a reset.  I’m guessing the parameters of sugar free will be different for each of us, but by February we’ll be much more sensitized to and able to really enjoy small amounts of sugar again.

When you decide to reset your sugar intake (or anything for that matter), being prepared is key.  Assess what you have that you won’t eat and donate or throw away as much of it as possible so you’re not tempted by it.  Think through a normal workday and weekend, writing down what you’ll substitute for the normal foods you would eat that contain sugar.  For example, I eat a lot more hummus and nuts when I’m avoiding sugar.  It helps that they’re easy and portable, but also that they’re very filling.  A great way to avoid cravings is to not let yourself get to the point of being hangry (so hungry that you get angry).  And for me, eating a little more fat than usual really helps avoid cravings.

Be prepared to spend a little more on replacement foods.  Especially since the invention of high fructose corn syrup, processed sugar foods are incredibly cheap.  Remember that buying fresh, healthy food is an investment in your health, an alternative to paying later with hospital bills and prescriptions.

When you’re ready for a sugar reset, refer to Strategies for Sugar Cravings and Learnings from a Sugar Free Month for more tips.




  1. Catherine! Thank you for taking time to share pieces of your vegsn journey with me. A healthy family is a happy family…that’s my goal.
    There was a light in your eyes…peace… I am sure simply eating plants supports that.
    Be well, thanks again…looking forward to reading your blogs.
    Bevery from Whole Foods we met in the desert aisle today

    • Catherine says:

      Beverly, thanks so much for following the blog!! Please let me know if you have suggestions or recipes to share!!! Catherine

  2. Vanessia Shearin says:

    love this web site and will take the sugarfree challenge but in Feb/Mar.