Let It Go

If you have a Frozen fan in your inner circle (and who doesn’t?), here’s a great cake to celebrate a birthday, winter, or nothing in particular (who needs a reason for a party anyway?).  Frozen figurines are optional but created a great effect at our party.

This recipe makes a loaf pan sized ice cream cake that will feed 10 people.



8-12 vegan sugar cookies (like 365 brand)

1 quart non-dairy vanilla ice cream (like So Delicious)

1/2 batch of cake mix (refer to Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) or 1 batch of cupcake mix

double batch of Coconut Whipped Cream

1 bag frozen strawberries, diced


Make a cake in a loaf pan or the pan that you will use to assemble the ice cream cake.  Once cool, remove it from the pan and slice it in half  length wise using a serrated knife. You may want to flip the cake upside down and slice the top off so the cake is flat.  Alternatively, make a batch of cupcakes.


Remove the vanilla ice cream from the freezer.  Cut a piece of parchment paper to line the bottom and sides of your loaf pan.  Arrange a layer of sugar cookies across the bottom of the parchment paper.  IMG_3439

Once the ice cream has softened, layer half of it on top of the sugar cookies.  On top of the ice cream place a layer of cake (or sliced cupcakes) and return the ice cream cake to the freezer.  For the second layer of ice cream, mix the diced strawberries into the vanilla ice cream and layer on top of the cake.


On top of the ice cream, add another layer of cake and return ice cream cake to freezer.


Make a double batch of coconut whipped cream.  When you’re ready to ice the cake, use the parchment paper to  carefully lift the ice cream cake out of the loaf pan onto the counter.  Drop icing by the spoonful over the cake and down to sides to look like snow drifts, smoothing with a spatula.  Return the cake to the freezer.

Instead of a cake, you can also do the same thing with cupcakes, making individual frozen cakelets or using the cupcake slices to make up the cake.  If you had any cake or cupcakes leftover, place them on and around the cake to create a wintery mountain scene.


Take the ice cream cake out of the freezer about 10 minutes before serving and place the Frozen figurines using leftover icing to help secure them on the cake.