Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Since the second snow this winter (with which came a near perfect batch of snow cream), I’ve been anxiously anticipating Spring.  Aside from the obvious warmer weather, I wasn’t sure why until last week when I realized that Spring has been a time of significant renewal for me over the past few years.  Perhaps it’s spending too much time inside as I’m not a big fan of cold weather, but over the past few winters I have tended to work too much, which means less fresh air and exercise and all the wonderful benefits of both.  And I realized that I’m desperate for change.  Change from what has become the norm lately.Balance

I’ve made significant changes in spring – more so than at any other time throughout the year:

  • Beginning a yoga practice
  • Training to be a Food for Life instructor
  • Starting CrossFit
  • Starting Simply Eat Plants
  • Beginning a meditation practice

I was really pleased with myself about this realization that all I needed was to toss out some habits that had taken over and replace it with — what?!?  The anxiety immediately set in of what will my renewal be for this year?

With recently starting a new job and traveling more frequently than before, I’ve definitely spent less time in the last 4 months doing the things above that make me the me I want to be.

And to top it off, all of the self-care maintenance activities are all linked, so when I’m not exercising, then I’m more tired, yet I don’t sleep as well.  When I have a headache or am tired, I am less likely to make whole food choices, so I’m not nourishing my body as well.  And travel makes it all that much more challenging.

I’ve allowed this new job to take priority over essentially everything else.  Realizing this was key and definitely the first step, but fixing it – realigning my priorities – is the key to being the best me.  Easier said than done, right?!?

I’m guessing that hopping off the hamster wheel to take better care of myself will help me be more efficient at work or maybe more patient or even more creative.  I’d like to think that choosing the right thing for me will also benefit the company I work for.  But even if not, it’s me left standing in the end.  And it’s much more important for me to have my family standing beside me than colleagues.  I work with some great people but I hope the same for them, too.  That together we can make a bigger difference by first taking care of ourselves.

So no recipes this time – I’m lowering the bar and trying not to worry about meeting expectations.  I’m choosing me first.  And I’d love to hear your advice or experiences about renewals and spring cleaning your soul.



  1. Aunt Mil says:

    Well said, my dear. You matter more than any THING. Love to read your work…and Limbo was always fun!