A few months ago we got a puppy who has been a wonderful addition to our family.  I haven’t had a pet since before I was vegan, and since Cinnamon has joined our family, her personality and intelligence have really surprised me.  She’s still not entirely potty trained so she’s not the smartest dog ever, but to us, she’s the cutest and most fun.

The way Cinna looks in your eyes, it’s impossible to deny that she has a special connection with each member of our family.  Which makes it even harder for me to understand how pet lovers can eat meat.  Yes, dogs have been domesticated and cows have not.  But some pigs have been domesticated.  How is it easy for omnivorous animal lovers to draw that line?

I did not become vegan for animal rights issues.

I do think all sentient beings should be treated with respect, however.

So when I see this meme on Facebook,

Rich meme

I want to respond-

“Instead of waiting to get rich,

why not take immediate action and reduce or eliminate your consumption of animal products?”

THAT would make an immediate difference.  Because really, how many of us are going to be millionaires?

But we can all positively impact life on our planet – by making small changes starting right now.