Fruit Compote

In a small pot, add approximately ½ c fruit per serving (diced if necessary), ½ t sugar per serving if the fruit is not sweet enough on its own, and 1T water per serving.  Cover and bring to a slow boil, then stir and reduce heat.  Continue cooking until fruit is desired tenderness, probably 10-15 more minutes.  If compote isn’t thickening, then remove lid to allow for evaporation.  Compote will further thicken upon refrigeration.

This recipe works great with any type berry, mixed berries, peaches, apples, etc.  Always make more than you think you’ll need as the fruit reduces by half when cooked, and it always goes faster than you’d expect!

Sugar free version:  You can easily omit the sugar and make delicious compote.  Double the recipe and refrigerate leftovers.  Once chilled, the compote thickens a bit (sugar free Fruit Compote Jam) and you can mix with nut butter to make sandwiches or dip apple slices into.