High Protein Pancakes (Gluten Free)

2 c cooked white beans or 1 c dried white beans soaked overnight (if you have a high powered blender)

2 1/2 c oat flour (or 3 c rolled oats into blender or food processed til powdered)

2 1/2 c water (may need more later)

4 T sucanat, 2 T agave nectar or maple syrup, or vanilla stevia drops to taste

1.5 T ground flax seeds

2 T baking powder

2 t vanilla extract

2 t salt

The night before, soak 1 c dried white beans in a generous amount of water.  In the morning, drain and rinse the beans (or drain and rinse 2 c canned beans).  Add all ingredients into blender or food processer and blend until smooth.  Make pancakes, adding an extra minute or so to the cook time to cook pancakes through in the middle.  Additional water may be needed as batter thickens upon standing.

On the sweeteners, my latest favorite version is to use French vanilla liquid stevia in place of both the dry and liquid sweeteners.  The 365 Whole Foods brand was half the price of NuNaturals, and as far as I can tell, neither has a significant aftertaste.  To suite my tastes in this recipe, I used two droppers of stevia.  The French Vanilla liquid stevia obviated the need for maple extract, and since I’d rather no use so-called-but-not “natural” flavorings, I’ve removed it from the recipe.

Using a 1/4 c scoop to measure out the pancake batter results in 30 to 36 pancakes.  Allow leftover pancakes to cool, then freeze using wax paper to separate the layers.  Pancakes reheat easily with 2 rounds in the toaster, flipping in between if one side tends to heat faster.

This batter can also be used for waffles, just note that they will take longer to cook than traditional batter.  If the waffle iron is hard to open, let the waffle cook for another minute or two, then retry.  The pancakes (or waffles) can also be used as gluten-free bread for sandwiches.

To get these on the table sooner, I measure all of the dry ingredients into a medium sized bowl the night before.  In the morning, I add the beans and liquid ingredients to the blender and puree until smooth.  Stir the wet ingredients into the bowl of dry ingredients, and you’ll have lots of pancakes in no time!