Veggie, Bean, Rice Bake

Frozen veggiesIMG_3797

Frozen or canned beans

Cooked brown rice

No-chicken veggie broth

Pour the frozen veggies and beans in the bottom of a glass casserole dish.  Add cooked brown rice to cover the veggies and beans. Pour veggie broth over the rice to almost cover the rice.  Season with pepper.  Cover and bake until heated through.  Especially if you’re using leftover rice this dish comes together very quickly however does require 15 minutes or so of baking time.  It’s one of those dishes that reminds us that simple meals can nourish us and taste good.

Notes:  Whenever I make a batch of beans, I always make a big batch and freeze the leftovers.  I do the same when processing large batches of vegetables like carrots and broccoli, which is what I used in this dish.