Pineapple “Fried” Rice

Serves 4

3 c cooked brown rice

4 c vegetables, chopped (I used stoplight peppers, onions, broccoli, and mixed peas and carrots)

3/4 c diced fresh pineapple

3 T tamari or low sodium soy sauce

1 heaping T minced garlic

1 T minced ginger

1/2 t red pepper flakes, optional

This recipe comes together very quickly, especially if the rice is fresh from the rice cooker.  In a wok or pan, sautee the ginger and garlic in water or pineapple juice, add the chopped vegetables and sautee until veggies are desired texture.  Add the rice, soy sauce, and pineapple.  Continue to cook and stir until heated through.

If the cooked rice is cold from refrigeration, cover the wok or pan and add a few tablespoons of water if needed to soften the rice by steaming.